Coffee Picks By Coffee Expert

We met Binny a.k.a Barista on Bike in 2018 when Sixteen Grams Coffee was just an idea. We planned our first outlet with him and he made it an exciting and effortless experience.

A mentor and a friend, Binny is passionate, a coffee nerd, TEDx Speaker and really fun to hang out with. We asked him to pick out his favorite coffees listed on Sixteen Grams Coffee and he was nice enough to do it. Told you he’s a nice guy.

Over to Binny.

The five coffees that I would select from the collection of Sixteen Grams are the following:

Moganad Estate by Bloom

For 2 reasons – 1) I love Mognad Estate at MSP coffee, and the work they do, and 2) Cause Sharang and team at Chandigarh are doing some crazy amazing work with the Moganad coffee (and also with a few new ones that is still to be released) the sweetness, acidity and bitter sweet taste is on point.

Ethiopian Sidamo by Kaffa Cerrado

Honestly this one cause, this was one of the first, Non-Indian Specialty Coffee I ever tasted, and honestly fell in love with it. If you ever want to get a taste of what Ethiopian Coffee smells/tastes like sitting at home, then THIS IS IT. Beautifully citrus, amazingly Floral like how an Ethiopian is and comfortingly awesome.

Vienna Roast by Third Wave Coffee Roasters

Every once in a while, you want something that tastes just “COFFEE” in the traditional expected meaning, something dark “punch in the face” kind of coffee, I believe Vienna Roast is that Coffee. Amazing for French press, south Indian filter and even great for espresso/mokas. 

Aghora by Bili Hu Coffee

Bili Hu, I think is one of the most widespread coffee brands in the country, they have some amazing range of coffees. I love their Robustas , the next best is this Aghora, beautiful Coffee, good as pour over, Aeropress and even as a Ristretto, plus there is a beautiful story behind that coffee.

Bloom Bae by El Bueno

When I think of a Versatile Coffee, I think of Bloom Bae in recent times, it’s just so perfect regardless the way you brew it, whether its Moka Pot, Espresso, French press, Aeropress, Pour over, Delter press, Chemex, American Drip practically anything. It’s a very soothing yet complex enough to be loved kinda coffee.