Can Coffee be ‘too fresh’ ?

Coffee doesn’t taste good if it’s not fresh but did you know that a coffee ‘too fresh’ might not taste good as well?

Coffee never expires. This means that there is no risk of consuming coffee even after the “best-before” date. Although it loses its aromas and flavours after a certain window no matter how well you store it. Ground coffee degrades even more quickly as more surface area is exposed to air. But can coffee be too fresh to brew? Yes, it certainly can be.

A coffee too fresh is not ideal for consumption either. The CO2 that develops during roasting acts as a natural preservative to the bean but too much of it can cause problems at the time of extraction. Hence, coffee needs to go through process of degassing before it is good to brew. A little plastic circle that you see on coffee bags is a one-way valve that allows coffee bag to release CO2 without letting the oxygen get in.

Depending on how you store coffee after roasting, it needs some resting time to get the best flavours. This resting time may range from 4 days to a week. When coffee is too fresh, it might taste exceptionally sharp, acidic or bitter.

There is no defined range but typically a good window to brew coffee is between 2nd and 5th week of roasting. Some coffees might surprise you and stay fresh much longer but typically they start losing freshness after 5th week.

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