How to Store Coffee the Right Way?

Oxygen & light – two things that give us life, and two things that suck the life out of your coffee. Ironic right? But anything is possible, it’s 2020. That brings us to the most frequently asked question, and also the most frequently ignored step – How to store your coffee. Honestly, it’s pretty straightforward.

Let’s start with the basics; ground coffee does not keep well for long. We know it hurts, but soothe your heart with a cup of fresh coffee and read on. Here’s some science to back it up, because believe it or not, everything about coffee is scientific.

The transformation of beans to powder results in the release of CO2, a natural preservative contained in roasted beans. This accelerates the process of oxidation (a big no no) turning coffee stale (gross). This doesn’t mean your coffee has gone bad or can make you sick. It just won’t taste or smell as heavenly as it’s supposed to. And boy, the smell of fresh coffee runs a close race with petrichor. Now I’m thinking of coffee in the monsoon. Great, it’s only May.

Coming back, beans have a significantly longer shelf life than ground coffee. If possible, get yourself a grinder at home, and order whole beans. This way you can grind just as much as you need, and have the freshest cup. If that’s too much effort (which we understand), try to order ground coffee in small quantities.

Yes, this means your ordering frequency will increase, and some days you’ll run out because you forgot to order a new batch, but hey, that’s what we’re here for! We’ll help you set up a Coffee Subscription so you don’t have to worry about running out of fresh coffee.

Before you do that, here are a few things to remember:

1- Coffee does not like light, moisture and oxygen. Keep your magic beans away from these 3.
2- Avoid storing coffee in the fridge (sealed/open). It tends to absorb odours of food stored inside. No one wants cheesy coffee, right?
3- A kitchen cabinet/cupboard is the safest spot.
4- Always use opaque, air tight containers. Preferably under vacuum seal.
5- Buy small quantities of coffee.
6- Sign up for our coffee subscription!

That’s all for today folks; a little science, a little monsoon reminiscing.
Stay home, stay safe <3

About the Author

Nivedita is a full-time copywriter at an Advertising firm, and a part-time illustrator in her own world. She grew up in the mountains, and hopes to move back someday with 5 dogs, a kitchen garden, and a career in both art+copy, to find what she thinks will be her “adult utopia” (this world must include coffee).