India’s youngest and one of the few women roasters. What’s her story?

Passion defines a person and the courage to follow it is the most appreciated quality.

These words have always resonated with me since I first set out to pursue my passion to explore good coffee. Right from my under-graduation days, I’ve been an ardent coffee lover and I’m sure all my friends can testify for that since they had to accompany me for those last-minute coffee runs mid lectures. Gradually, my interest shifted from just consuming coffee to also learning about it and knowing more about the life cycle of this beautiful beverage. With some online research, short courses, and many interesting conversations with people, I got to know quite a lot about coffee and as has happened with every person in the coffee industry, I couldn’t help myself and I started roasting coffee.

El Bueno Coffee Roasters was born out of a pure passion for not just coffee as a beverage but to bring to life the effort of numerous people that make coffee what it truly is- HOPE. Hope for new beginnings, better things, and a happier tomorrow. Meaning ‘Only The Good’, I wanted each person in the supply chain of coffee to connect with us right from our friends from the coffee plantations to our customers who encourage us to keep moving forth and growing constantly as we do so. At El Bueno, we believe in working very closely with our partner farms, guiding them in the process to work on technology upgradation and innovation to source the finest beans and simultaneously being conscious of a sustainable environment.With this, comes a great responsibility of roasting the beans in a way that justifies the effort of all these people and provides room for experimentation to the baristas at our partner coffee shops or passionate home brewers out there.

Working for something that makes you truly happy is honestly the best thing that can happen to any individual, but that does not always guarantee merry times. Running a small business/startup teaches you many things that I can assure you even a highly regarded academic degree can not as you are exposed to new challenges every day, some that make you stronger and some that make you conscious of your anxious side (about which you were totally unaware). Being a woman founder for a coffee roasting company in an industry that is predominantly male-driven and also probably being the youngest of the lot has introduced me to various unexpected challenges and at the same time it has provided me the opportunity to meet some amazingly empowering people along the way. However, I am thankful for every bit of this journey and every little lesson that I have learned so far.

Lastly, I would like to tell all the budding entrepreneurs out there to take the leap and start working towards their passion. One experiences true happiness when you do what you love and all the obstacles in the way, only teach you to either find another way or to build your own new road.

Stay Happy, Stay Caffeinated, and Brew #OnlyTheGood! Check out our coffees here.