Mother’s Day Gift for all types of Moms

The Perfectionist

She makes sure everything around her is perfect – especially you. You carry no stains; your hair is perfect and you are well dressed even during a global pandemic.

This bag of Mysore Nuggets is perfect for her.

The Exhausted Mom

You can look at her face and tell that she needs coffee. She needs coffee with strength because you know you are a handful. Best Mother’s Day gift you can give her is a nicely brewed cup of El Diablo and some time to rest.

The Creative Mom

She enjoys crafting and recycling everything. You will often find plants growing in plastic bottles in your garden. She looks at everything from a creative eye. Even your town jeans that you’ve always wanted to throw away lands up in your cupboard with a pretty patch. She liked to spice things up. Just like her coffee – Riverdale, she is anything but boring.

The Zen Mom

She is peaceful and soft. Just listening to her voice calms you down. She smells like a candle. She doesn’t drink but savours her coffee. In her coffee, she enjoys the flowery notes of jasmine and lavender – the notes you can find in Ethiopian Washed roasted by Kaffa Cerado. You can find these delicate notes coming out when brewed in a V60 Pour Over.

The Fun Mom

She is caring and protective but that doesn’t stop her from having fun. She likes to keep it interesting and exciting. She will encourage you to go out and be ‘social’ even when you don’t want to. She is funny and cracks you up. She likes to try new things and experimenting with her coffee. Aeropress is her equipment and Barrel Aged Coffee is her ‘cup of coffee’

The Helicopter Mom

She knows. Whatever you are doing. She is protective and pays very close attention to everything you do. She does this because sometimes she feels that it is a harsh world out there and you will not be able to handle it. Sometimes, she is right. Give her a warm hug and a delicious cup of coffee however she likes it because this blend – Boss’s Wife blends with everything. Try brewing it in a Moka Pot, it might be life changing.