Our Story

Hello there!

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a little something for you to get to know us better.


We bring together nation’s top roasters and coffee lovers, delivering good coffee to everyone’s doorstep!


We search high and low for extremely passionate roasters, sample their coffee, and select the best ones for you. We choose coffee that is not merely-good, but truly-special, so your only job is to subscribe and enjoy.


(Because a good coffee experience is a MUST)


In a nutshell, we simply want to make good coffees accessible. Every cup of coffee that you brew should be the best damn cup. Now how’s that for company vision?

Behind The Brews

Meet The Co-Founders

Sheena Khurana

“When I went to Rome to study the art of brewing coffee, I realised that the world loves Indian coffee and talks very highly of it. What I also realised is that we don’t brew it well back home. I just had to come back, quit my fancy Private  Equity job and introduce carefully grown, well roasted coffee to people and make it easily accessible. There is a lot more to coffee than most of us know. Much like wine, coffee should be savoured and not merely consumed. Let us help you explore and discover the incredible flavours and experience coffee like never before.”

Karan Khurana

“I was in my last year  of graduation at St. Stephens trying to balance Football and Economics and was introduced to coffee by my sister who is also my co-founder at Sixteen Grams Coffee. Although the smell of coffee made  my heart leap, I barely knew coffee back then. I gradually became a coffee nerd and now I know my Caturras and Bourbon better than economic policy and game theory. I was blown away by how much we don’t know and realised that in India, we have got it all wrong about coffee. For years people (including me once upon a time) have had low quality coffee and that should change.”