Baarbara Estate


Each box contains 10 Easy Coffee Bags.

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Milk Chocolate
Roast level:

Roaster Thoughts

Every sip is as smooth as your favorite milk chocolate with only a hint of raisin. The rich caramel undertones make this coffee a delicious staple to your pantry.

Grown along the verdant Chandra Dhrona hills of Chikmangalur, Baarbara Estate coffee is the culmination of 120 years of family tradition at the MG Plantations. This single origin, shade-grown coffee has a distinct character imparted by the beautiful and wild hills it thrives upon.

Brewing Instructions :

Place the filter on your cup using the side anchors to hold it in place. Slowly fill the filter two to three times to make yourself great-tasting coffee, without any compromise on quality! 


Third Wave Coffee

About the roaster

Third Wave Coffee Roasters was born out of the dream to introduce India to specialty coffee or the ‘Third Wave movement’ - a movement dedicated to providing high-quality coffee that’s traceable and brewed to perfection from farm to cup. They believe that finding the coffee you like is a journey and there's always something new out there waiting for you! Ride The Third Wave bliss of a perfect brew.