Badra Estate

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Tasting Notes: Plum, Wholesome Fruit
Process: Honey
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250 gms
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Roaster Thoughts

Rich and creamy body with an earthy and wholesome fruit profile. Deep & rich tones, like walking through sand after a rainfall.

Badra Estate coffee comes to you from the birthplace of the exotic Indian Coffee. Sprawled across plantations in the Western Ghats and tucked away in the soul of the Southern Peninsula, the coffee is shade grown, hand-picked, and sun-dried to perfection.

The estate that occupies an area of 1530 acres, situated at elevations of 2500-3600 feet where the annual rainfall received ranges between 70-130 inches.

Badra Estate Blend is made with 100% shade-grown, single estate, AAA Grade Arabica. Available as whole beans or ground for your choice of equipment.

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Korebi was created to make artisan coffee accessible for everyone. Born out of boundless love for coffee, they aim to bring the best directly from the farm to your cup. Inspired by the third wave coffee movement, they focus on all aspects of the process: sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee. They source the finest quality coffee and create unique blends just for you. Their goal is to make better coffee accessible for everyone.