Coffee Cherry Tea – Cascara


Coffee beans are the seeds contained in the fruit or “cherries” of the coffee plant. The cherry which starts off green, takes on a yellow or orange or red color as it ripens, depending on the variety. Coffee beans or seeds are removed from cherry and eventually roasted. The cherry is usually discarded or can be used on the farm as fertilizer. Sometimes, it is dried and brewed as ‘tea’ known as Cascara tea.


Brewed hot or iced, Cascara is known to be high in antioxidants.


Each Pack Contains 150 gms of Cascara.


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Blue Tokai

About the roaster

Blue Tokai brought the global coffee culture to India by freshly roasting beans, sourcing from single estate farms, offering organic varieties, and educating north Indians on different brewing techniques; a new language for a region that lives on chai and instant coffee.Did you know that in ancient Malabari, ‘tokai’ meant the plume of the peacock. Tying in the peacock and the coffee plantations (the malabar region), ‘tokai’ has now become a symbol for Indian coffee estates and traceable Indian coffee.