Coffee Cherry Tea – Cascara


Coffee beans are the seeds contained in the fruit or “cherries” of the coffee plant. The cherry which starts off green, takes on a yellow or orange or red color as it ripens, depending on the variety. Coffee beans or seeds are removed from cherry and eventually roasted. The cherry is usually discarded or can be used on the farm as fertilizer. Sometimes, it is dried and brewed as ‘tea’ known as Cascara tea.


Brewed hot or iced, Cascara is known to be high in antioxidants.


Each Pack Contains 250 gms of Cascara.


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El Bueno

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El Bueno believes that coffee brings together people, and ideas. 'El Bueno’ means ‘the good’ in Spanish. It is a name inspired by their passion to highlight ‘the good’ elements in the journey of coffee beans from their meticulous cultivation on farms, to being carefully roasted, right up to the delicious brew in your cup.They don't just roast some of the best coffees, but also put an effort to educate people about the world of speciality coffee.They also have some of the coolest and fun coffee names that instantly bring a smile to your face, because they're so damn relatable!