Colombia Supremo – Decaf CO2

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CO2 Method – Decaffeinated


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Tasting Notes: Floral, Malt, Mandarin
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Roaster Thoughts

Colombia is the third-largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed Arabica. Colombia Supremo refers to the largest size of beans from Colombia. Supremo is a screen size of 17 or 18.

The CO2 Decaffeination method helps to remove all of the caffeine while allowing for the main flavor compounds to be retained in the coffee. This way, if you are averse to caffeine, you can still enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without any of the caffeine in it!

In the CO2 process, coffee beans are soaked in water causing them to swell and allowing the caffeine to ultimately dissolve into the water trapped inside the beans. The soaked beans are then passed into stainless steel extraction vessels which are then tightly sealed. Following this, liquid CO2 is pumped into the coffee beans at a high pressure and temperature. CO2 acts as a solvent and absorbs the caffeine. Once the beans are freed of caffeine, they are removed and dried for packaging.

The extracted caffeine-dissolved CO2 is then showered with water in an absorption chamber. The water pulls out the caffeine which is collected in a separate chamber. This liquid caffeine is finally sold to drink manufacturers and other enterprises that require caffeine for their products.

Naivo’s Colombian Supremo was decaffeinated using the CO2 method at the CR3 decaffeination plant in Bremen, Germany.

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Naivo Cafe sources high quality beans from India’s most coveted estates and are dedicated to increase the accessibility to popular as well as rare artisan coffees from India and around the globe. They also import specialty-grade coffees from Africa and Latin America.They are a coffee roasting company and a green coffee sourcing specialist with a focus on experimentation and customization. They continue to inspire the new generation of third wave coffee connoisseurs.