Costa Rica La Pastora

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Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Grape, Melons
Process: Washed
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Roaster Thoughts

La Pastora comes from CoopeTarrazú R.L – a cooperative founded in 1960 comprising 228 small coffee farmers. Their consistent quality has positioned them as the most popular coffee exporters in Costa Rica. Around 80% of farmers cultivate less than 4 hectares of land. The cooperative assists members with credit, technical services, fertilizers, and much more.

The number of wet mills in Costa Rica is now 250 due to increased demand fueled by long-term commitment to quality from farmers. Over half of the crop is exported to the USA with Costa Rica attracting over 1 million tourists from there – Tarrazú being the primary region of interest. The traditional ox-cart is a national symbol in Costa Rica and hardworking oxen are in charge of loading up coffee cargo at the plantations.


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