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Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Roasted Chestnuts
Process: Washed
Roast level:
340 gms
340 gms
840 gms
840 gms

Roaster Thoughts

A sip of Doraikanal begins with a delicate, nutty flavour and ends with an astonishing rush of cocoa. You can also smell the aroma of cocoa in Doraikanal whole beans and ground coffee powder.

Doraikanal Estates is home to 200-year-old Shola trees under whose shade this award-winning coffee is cultivated using traditional organic methods. Since the coffee is processed at the farm itself, it ensures the highest quality green coffee beans that we source and then roast and custom grind the beans to ground coffee powder suitable for your coffee maker.

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KC Roasters

About the roaster

KC Roasters are a premium specialty coffee company, with quality at their core. They believe in only serving the highest quality coffee beans to people.Spearheading a fresh coffee culture in India, they are proud to have introduced some of the most unique coffees and have set a trend for the industry with their coffee experiments.From being the first one's in India to have introduced a whiskey barrel coffee, Amrut Cask Aged, to introducing the concept of coffee mixology with a range of delicious coffees like Activated Charcoal Mint Mocha & Cold Fashioned, KC Roasters has always tried to bring new experiences and tastes for the industry.They are all for creating a culture united in its pursuit of great Indian coffee!