Double Barrel Blend

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Tasting Notes: Fermenty, Fruity
Process: Barrel Aged
Roast level:
250 gms
250 gms
500 gms
500 gms

Roaster Thoughts

At Dope, we like to aim big when we shoot our shot. So to fire off this round, we went for the double-barrel.

Now that our Whiskey Barrel hit the spot and introduced many coffee fans to a boozy brew that can replace their usual iced drinks, it’s time to meet the second shot of our double barrel – Specialty Robusta.  

Often given a bad rap when compared to Arabica, it’s a lesser-known fact that if treated well, certain Robustas make brilliant brews. And if you still have your doubts, one sip of this badass bean will clear them up immediately!

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About the roaster

Dope Coffee Roasters are committed to finding the most amazing beans, roasting them fresh and sending them your way. So when you take that first sip you go, “Damn. That’s some Dope Coffee.”They understand that coffee is a super personal drink and it means a lot of different things to different people. For some, it’s a lifestyle, for others, it’s the magic juice that gets their work done quite easily. And for most, it's a hug in a mug.Now go forth and stay dope!