Harley Estate | Pichia

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Tasting Notes: Green Apple, Guava, Pomelo
Process: Natural
Roast level:
250 gms
250 gms
500 gms
500 gms
1 Kg
1 Kg

Roaster Thoughts

Savour the unique notes of our much-loved Pichia fermented coffee from Harley Estate! This coffee underwent natural processing where the washed coffee cherries were left to ferment overnight with Pichia yeast strains. The cherries were then transferred to raised drying beds to dry evenly. This process of controlled fermenting and drying is what gave this coffee a deliciously complex flavour profile. 

Our roasters decided to profile this coffee as a medium roast to bring out its fruity notes with just enough caramelisation to maintain low bitterness and medium-high acidity levels. This medium-bodied coffee has a juicy mouthfeel that comes across best when brewed as a Pour Over, Espresso, AeroPress or in a Moka Pot

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Blue Tokai

About the roaster

Blue Tokai brought the global coffee culture to India by freshly roasting beans, sourcing from single estate farms, offering organic varieties, and educating north Indians on different brewing techniques; a new language for a region that lives on chai and instant coffee.Did you know that in ancient Malabari, ‘tokai’ meant the plume of the peacock. Tying in the peacock and the coffee plantations (the malabar region), ‘tokai’ has now become a symbol for Indian coffee estates and traceable Indian coffee.