Harley Red Honey

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Tasting Notes: Green Apple, Plum, Walnuts
Process: Honey, Red Honey
Roast level:
250 gms
250 gms
500 gms
500 gms

Roaster Thoughts

Sweet plum notes combined with hints of green apple and a bittersweet walnut finish sends this coffee to the top of our espresso podium. This lot was sourced from an exclusive 5-acre block in Harley Estate called Hasiru.Cool. The cherries were selectively harvested when they were red and ripe ensuring high sugar content. Following washing and partial pulping, the beans with surrounding mucilage were dried under shade on raised beds. Red honey coffees are dried slower with more shade than regular honey coffees allowing for more potential flavor to be imbibed into the beans before they are hulled and sent of to roasteries. We recommend this coffee for all espresso-based drinks (black and with milk), Moka Pot, French Press and Cold Brew.

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About the roaster

Naivo Cafe sources high quality beans from India’s most coveted estates and are dedicated to increase the accessibility to popular as well as rare artisan coffees from India and around the globe. They also import specialty-grade coffees from Africa and Latin America.They are a coffee roasting company and a green coffee sourcing specialist with a focus on experimentation and customization. They continue to inspire the new generation of third wave coffee connoisseurs.