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Tasting Notes: Dark Raisin, Molasses, Oak Barrel, Spiced Rum
Process: Barrel Aged
Roast level:
250 gms
250 gms
500 gms
500 gms

Roaster Thoughts

We at Koffie Genetics are excited to share this beautiful fragrant and delicious Rum Barrel Aged coffee.
Specialty grade coffee has been aged in the Rum Barrel to enhance the fruity and sweet flavours of the coffee. Our Rum Barrel Aged coffee has hints of Dark Raisin, Molasses, Black Cherry, Oak Barrel with a finish of Spiced Rum.

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Koffie Genetics

About the roaster

Koffie Genetics is a curious little coffee roasting company based out of Bangalore, India. They are committed to roast great tasting coffee for passionate coffee lovers. They make sure to “Slow roast” their coffee in small batches creating unique roasting profiles for each of the coffees to achieve a fine balance of sweetness, acidity and fullness.