Kerehaklu Estate

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Tasting Notes: Caramel, Grape, Roasted Almonds
Process: Honey
Roast level:
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250 gms
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500 gms
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Roaster Thoughts

Introducing our third seasonal release from Kerehaklu Estate, which we have chosen to profile as a medium roast to bring out its sweet aromas of toffee and milk chocolate. This coffee has taste notes of caramel, roasted almonds and grapes, with a syrupy mouthfeel and a clean, sweet aftertaste. This lot was processed using the honey sun dried method in which coffee beans are dried with a sticky layer of mucilage (pulpy layer between the bean and skin) on them — lending fruity flavours to the final cup. We recommend brewing this coffee using an Aeropress, French Press, Pour Over or as an Espresso. 

Tucked away in Chikmagalur, Kerehaklu Estate has been run by the Thipaiah family for four generations. Spread across 275 acres, the farm sits at an altitude of roughly 1200 metres above sea level. Coffee at Kerehaklu Estate grows alongside varieties of wild fig, jungle mango, avocado, jackfruit and pomelos.

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Blue Tokai

About the roaster

Blue Tokai brought the global coffee culture to India by freshly roasting beans, sourcing from single estate farms, offering organic varieties, and educating north Indians on different brewing techniques; a new language for a region that lives on chai and instant coffee.Did you know that in ancient Malabari, ‘tokai’ meant the plume of the peacock. Tying in the peacock and the coffee plantations (the malabar region), ‘tokai’ has now become a symbol for Indian coffee estates and traceable Indian coffee.