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Mixed | Limited Edition


Seasonal Mixed Bag | Light to Dark Roasts
Seasonal mixed bag is limited edition Easy Pour box that includes a range of single estate coffees, roasted from light to dark. Our Seethargundu Estate is a light roast with a fruity flavour profile while Vienna is a dark roast for those who like a bold cup. In the middle range, Sula Barrel Aged Blend, Attikan Estate and Monsoon Malabar are medium-dark roasts with nutty, chocolatey taste notes!


Single-serve Easy Pour sachets make brewing specialty coffee more convenient than ever before. You don’t need equipment, just a couple of minutes to make great tasting, craft coffee at your desk or home.


Each sachet contains a filter that is filled with ground coffee from our partner farms, which is nitrogen-flushed and sealed to preserve freshness.


Each box contains 10 easy pour sachets.



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Roaster Thoughts

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Brewing Instructions :


Place the filter on your cup using the side anchors to hold it in place. Slowly fill the filter two to three times to make yourself great-tasting coffee, without any compromise on quality!