Monsooned Malabar


This brew has a very unique fragrance due the “Monsooning” process. Mellow, soft and smooth body with hints of roasted malt and a winy finish.

Tasting Notes: Molasses
Process: Monsooned
Roast level:
250 gms
250 gms
1 Kg
1 Kg

Roaster Thoughts

Malabar Arabica is best enjoyed without milk! Have it as a shot of Espresso or a nice, long Pour-Over. It pairs well with fruity, baked treats.

The origin of the Malabar Monsooned goes way back to the British Raj, during which coffee beans were transported in hulls of clipper ships to Europe. This journey took about three months. The transformation would take place naturally, as the humid monsoon winds from the Arabian sea would give the beans a unique flavour and a colour. With the advent of faster cargo ships, the beans no longer had time to transform on the journey, thus the natural processing time was cut short and the taste was lost. But now, coffee traders replicated the conditions on land, and brought back a flavour that once was thought to be lost in history.

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Marc’s coffee strongly believes in the “crop-to-cup philosophy” so they ensure that the coffee you’re about to drink is made with utmost care and detail. They source their green coffee beans from independent farmers across the nation and Marc’s is involved in the post-harvest process of all of them. They have a holistic approach which prioritises ethical sourcing and ecologically sound farming practices. Strap in as you’re about to consume some of the highest quality coffee beans grown in India!