Primus Victus

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Tasting Notes: Almond, Milk Chocolate
Process: Washed
Roast level:
320 gms
320 gms
640 gms
640 gms

Roaster Thoughts

Signature Espresso Blend 

Coffee beans grown in Southern India roasted to just before the second crack to give a dark taste and strong body. A much-needed kickstart to the day, this is our go-to blend for espresso-based drinks and French Press at our cafe. 

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About the roaster

Alchemist Roastery Coffee Company isn’t made of brick-mortar, employees, stakeholders, or machines. Instead, our core ethos is friendship.All our coffees are sourced directly from coffee producers in the south of India. Direct sourcing for producers ensures they get the deserved price and for us roasters, it ensures that we get the best quality raw coffee. However, most close to our heart is the beauty of a long-term relationship with the producers. This relationship nurtures mutual growth built on respect and love for learning. Working closely with producers empowers us with a microscopic look to get the true characteristic out of the beans. This helps us deliver a cup that is unique, inspiring, and delightful.Our story started in 2019 when two brothers joined forces to endeavor into a land they have zero prior experience. Our story is one such of dreams, ambition, learned humility, and strive for excellence. This coffee is our effort for you to come together with us in our journey.