Ratnagiri Estate M26

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Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Marmalade, Orange, Roasted Almonds
Process: Natural
Roast level:
250 gms
250 gms
500 gms
500 gms
1 Kg
1 Kg

Roaster Thoughts

If you’ve been a fan of our previous seasonal coffees from Ratnagiri Estate, you’ll love this lot that has taste notes of tart blueberry, roasted almonds and zesty orange marmalade. This coffee has a fruit-forward flavour profile that gives it a silky mouthfeel of jam, a syrupy aftertaste of orange marmalade, rounded off with a nutty finish. This heavy-bodied coffee has sweet aromas of caramel and berries, and is best enjoyed when brewed as a Pour Over or in an AeroPress.

Ratnagiri Estate is located in Chikmagalur in Karnataka, near the birthplace of coffee in India, Bababudangiri Hills. The estate’s name directly translates to ‘Pearl Mountains’ owing to the Silver Oak trees casting a glowing sheen over the hills. This farm, managed by the Patre family since 1927, has been at the forefront of creating sustainable farm practices.

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Blue Tokai

About the roaster

Blue Tokai brought the global coffee culture to India by freshly roasting beans, sourcing from single estate farms, offering organic varieties, and educating north Indians on different brewing techniques; a new language for a region that lives on chai and instant coffee.Did you know that in ancient Malabari, ‘tokai’ meant the plume of the peacock. Tying in the peacock and the coffee plantations (the malabar region), ‘tokai’ has now become a symbol for Indian coffee estates and traceable Indian coffee.