Red Honey | Kelagur Estate

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Tasting Notes: Caramel, Guava, Spices
Process: Honey, Red Honey
Roast level:
340 gms
340 gms

Roaster Thoughts

Playful hint of sweet spices with the fruitiness of Guava combines with a sweet caramel taste in one of our best medium roast coffee.

The name comes from this coffee’s cherries and the way the coffee bean is processed. Coffee cherries are picked when they’re fully red in colour (separating them from the yellow, unripe cherries). The cherries are then washed and each coffee bean is shade processed. Shade processing slows down the drying time, resulting in higher fermentation of the beans giving this coffee a sweeter taste (almost like adding a drop of honey) making it one of our best medium roast coffees.

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KC Roasters

About the roaster

KC Roasters are a premium specialty coffee company, with quality at their core. They believe in only serving the highest quality coffee beans to people.Spearheading a fresh coffee culture in India, they are proud to have introduced some of the most unique coffees and have set a trend for the industry with their coffee experiments.From being the first one's in India to have introduced a whiskey barrel coffee, Amrut Cask Aged, to introducing the concept of coffee mixology with a range of delicious coffees like Activated Charcoal Mint Mocha & Cold Fashioned, KC Roasters has always tried to bring new experiences and tastes for the industry.They are all for creating a culture united in its pursuit of great Indian coffee!
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