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For those who love diversity above all else!

The Sampler Pack allows you to try the amazing diversity of coffees we grow, roast and blend. You can expect to find the flavours of Western Ghats coffee in one box! So go for it! Try and Arabicas, blends of Arabicas and Robustas and the straight up Robustas all before you make up your mind. Why not? Even better, try and cup taste these coffees blind! And then come back, tell us which one you like and let’s make that your regular!

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7 x 100 grams
7 x 100 grams

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Black Baza

About the roaster

Black Baza Coffee Co. stemmed from the idea of creating a local, participatory and meaningful movement for coffee.Why do they stand out? They are brewing a green idea and want their production and market system to value producers and nature equally. Their coffee is good for - the forest it comes from - the people who grow it - the trees they help conserve - the wildlife that it supportsAnd just as good to drink!