Sample Packs – KC | Medium


Each pack contains 3 X 120 gm bags of the finest Medium/Medium-dark roast coffee.

Sampler pack contains:

    1. Red Honey – Playful hint of sweet spices with the fruitiness of Guava medium roast coffee.
    2. Kelagur Naturals – Jasmine, Caramel, & Jackfruit
    3. Purple Project – The coffee has cupping notes of Cocoa, Blackberry, & Nutmeg.


Roast level:

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Roast Level

Package Size

3 x 120 grams

Best Brewed In

KC Roasters

About the roaster

KC Roasters are a premium specialty coffee company, with quality at their core. They believe in only serving the highest quality coffee beans to people.Spearheading a fresh coffee culture in India, they are proud to have introduced some of the most unique coffees and have set a trend for the industry with their coffee experiments.From being the first one's in India to have introduced a whiskey barrel coffee, Amrut Cask Aged, to introducing the concept of coffee mixology with a range of delicious coffees like Activated Charcoal Mint Mocha & Cold Fashioned, KC Roasters has always tried to bring new experiences and tastes for the industry.They are all for creating a culture united in its pursuit of great Indian coffee!