Gunibyle Estate

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Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Grape, Mint
Process: Natural
Roast level:
200 gms
200 gms
400 gms
400 gms

Roaster Thoughts

Works really well in Pour Overs/drip coffee makers (hot and iced) and in a french press.

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Bili Hu

About the roaster

Billi Hu is born out of a passion for good coffee! Their purpose is to bring unique and interesting coffees to your cup. (that were meant only for export until now)Did you know that the word Bili Hu comes from Kannada, a language spoken in the state of Karnataka where coffees were first grown in India. BILI HU is a white flower symbolic of the coffee plant flower, that blooms to signify the yield in the harvest season.The coffees that they offer have been created in close collaboration with some of the best curers, roasters and coffee estate owners across India.