Sitio Mae Da Providencia (Brazil)

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Tasting Notes: Grape, Tomato
Process: Natural
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Roaster Thoughts

Sitio Mae Da Providencia is the farm of Edenilson Carvalho located in Caldas, Sul de Minas in Brazil. This special Microlot is a Naturals processed lot which is SCA top rated and was produced only in a small quantity. Naturals lots from Brazil are known to display a number of unique expressive flavors that are different from the flavors of Naturals from other regions in the world. They are balanced in acidity and bring rich and heavy body/texture to the cup.

The cup has a creamy texture with bright notes of concord grape complemented with a ripe tomato like finish. It is omni-roasted to shine across filter and brewing methods and is one of the most flavor-intense, extraordinary and unique coffees we have experienced.

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