Sylvia | Kudiraipanjan Anaerobic Naturals

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Tasting Notes: Barbados Cherry, Mango, Red Grape
Process: Natural
Roast level:
250 gms
250 gms
500 gms
500 gms

Roaster Thoughts

Mysterious, strange and shocking, but eventually delightful – Sylvia – is the first masterpiece in our Poetry of Coffee Collection that pays tribute to the queen of confessional poetry – Sylvia Plath. This coffee boasts of an energizing acidity that sparkles through with every sip. Deeper explorations will reveal a mysterious, tartish note of Barbados Cherries leading to juicy red grapes and a very subtle hint of sweet mangoes. Our light filter roast keeps the flavours bright and lively allowing the coffee to express more complexity as the temperature cools.

Bold, fierce, and unforgiving – Sylvia Plath destroyed the subtle veneers of elegant vocabulary and fluffy lyrics to explore and express some of the deepest, strangest, darkest AND delightful human emotions through her poetry. Her verses live on inspiring honesty in writers and artists across the world pushing them to create art that is bold and transcends the opinions of critics. We believe creators of coffee must aspire to do precisely the same. We’ve partnered with Kudiraipanjan Estate – a producer who shares a similar vision as us for the development of coffee in India – to create SYLVIA for you, and we know that you’re going to absolutely love it!

Enjoy this coffee across several manual brewing methods including Pourovers, Aeropress and French Press. Experiment with any forms of cold brew to bring out some bright and interesting fruity notes.

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Naivo Cafe sources high quality beans from India’s most coveted estates and are dedicated to increase the accessibility to popular as well as rare artisan coffees from India and around the globe. They also import specialty-grade coffees from Africa and Latin America.They are a coffee roasting company and a green coffee sourcing specialist with a focus on experimentation and customization. They continue to inspire the new generation of third wave coffee connoisseurs.