Tall Dark Handsome


Dark, bitter-sweet and mildly smoky flavour.

Each box contains 10 pour over bags. 

Process: Washed
Roast level:

Roaster Thoughts

All you need is a cup, of this beautiful French (dark) roast Arabica. The coffee has a dark, bitter-sweet and mildly smoky flavour. 100% single estate Arabica, perfect for milk-based coffee or a strong black coffee.

Brewing Instructions :

All you need is a cup, to brew this coffee! Simply place this filter on your favourite coffee cup, pour hot water, brew for as long as you like (we recommend 3-4 minutes), add milk and/or sweetner if you want, and you’re good to go! No other equipment or filter needed.



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Maverick & Farmer

About the roaster

Started by the founders of The Flying Squirrel coffee, Maverick & Farmer Coffee is here to take coffee growing, processing, roasting, and brewing to the next level. With decades of experience in coffee farming, some of the most inventive minds in the business - and a gorgeous coffee estate that serves as a 150 acre laboratory for a myriad of experiments in cultivation, fermentation, natural flavour infusion, processing and drying - Maverick & Farmer is an uninhibited peek into the possibilities that this beautiful beverage holds for us.