Thogarihunkal Honey

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Tasting Notes: Cola Candy, Grapefruit, Orange Candy
Process: Honey, Red Honey
Roast level:
250 gms
250 gms
500 gms
500 gms

Roaster Thoughts

Sit back, close your eyes and indulge in Thogarihunkal Honey – a work of art will take your taste buds dancing down candy lane. With rich and juicy acidity, each sip of this coffee will bring you a serendipitous encounter with mysterious notes that we are yet unable to name. Overlaying these mysterious expressions is an unmissable aroma of oranges and grapefruit with a splashing dash of cola candy on your palette. Here’s a coffee that will quench your morning thirst, make for an awakening initiation to a lazy Sunday brunch and even light up your Friday evenings before you head out to party. Black is the way we like it with the Chemex brewing the juiciest cup, the Aeropress brewing the sweetest and a V60 displaying a more balanced rendition of this coffee. So, go ahead, indulge!

Process: Only the sweetest cherries – with a brix level above 18 – are selectively handpicked in the honey process. The cherries are then sorted to eliminate fruit that have not completely ripened yet. The fruit are then pulped without using water. Pulping is done such that some of the mucilage is still left over the inner parchment. The first stage of drying involves drying in open sunlight for 3 days. Following this, drying takes place on raised beds in shade to slow down the process and reduce the impact of sunlight. The coffees are finally stored and allowed to rest for 30 days before it is shipped of to the mills.

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Naivo Cafe sources high quality beans from India’s most coveted estates and are dedicated to increase the accessibility to popular as well as rare artisan coffees from India and around the globe. They also import specialty-grade coffees from Africa and Latin America.They are a coffee roasting company and a green coffee sourcing specialist with a focus on experimentation and customization. They continue to inspire the new generation of third wave coffee connoisseurs.