Summer is here! The only summer coffee drinks you need to know about.

Gone are the days when people only thought ‘hot’ when someone said coffee. Cold Coffees are all the rage nowadays and the coolest thing (pun intended) to be seen with in summers! We are not talking about ‘Frappes’. We are talking about coffee beverages that do not compromise with the taste of coffee. You can actually taste the coffee in these drinks and not just cream, sugar or chocolate.

Now there are different type of Cold Coffee available. It can either be brewed hot or cold.

Iced Pour Over or Japanese-Style Iced Coffee

Hot water is poured over medium-fine coffee grounds and coffee is extracted over ice. This will partly dilute the brewed coffee. This kind of brew method calls for a flavorful, aromatic coffee with the right type of acidity. Try Ethiopia roasted by Kaffa Cerado to brew Iced Pour Over and you’ll know what we mean.

Cold Brew

Not to be confused with Iced Coffee, Cold Brew is Coffee brewed cold. Coarsely ground coffee is steeped in water for 15 to 18 hours (even more in some cases). Strain the coffee and enjoy your brew with ice. The resulting brew is sweet, syrupy and not sour.

Cold Brew made using Opera Cold Brew Coffee blend is like a dessert drink. It does not require any sweetener and tastes like chocolate.

Pro Tip: You have to steep it in water for at least 36 hours

Iced Americano

To make an Iced Americano, espresso is poured over iced and water.  You need a good espresso to make a good Iced Americano. Blends such as El Diablo by Third Wave Coffee or Boss’s Wife by Savorworks Coffee Roasters make for a more consistent and balanced espresso with a great after-taste.

Iced Latte, espresso poured over ice and milk is another summer drink. Replace regular milk with coconut milk and you get yourself a nice dessert.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

This Southeast Asian drink is made using a filter called Phin. Hot water is poured over coarse coffee grounds in the Phin and the brew is extracted over condensed milk. It can be drunk hot but tastes even better when topped up with Ice. Very dark roast coffee – something bitter & strong balances the sweetness of condensed milk resulting in a delicious brew.

Super dark & bold Quick Cup also makes a quick and tasty Vietnamese Iced Coffee. How? Just Place it on the cup containing 2 tsp condensed milk, add hot water and ice.