Work From Home – Yay to Nay

If there’s one thing the world can come to a consensus about in 2020 (besides global warming being a real thing), is that work-from-home is not what we expected it to be. For lack of better words, the most relevant abbreviation of the year is a load of crap. Big bull poopie.

What started off with the excitement of no rush-hour traffic and waking up 3 minutes before a meeting, turned into a nightmare full of no personal space and no work-life balance. Forget balance – life is not a part of that equation anymore.

I went from Instagramming my cute ‘quaran-moments’ and afternoon ’quarantinis’ with #WFHisTheBomb, to hating the existence of my stupid phone. Lunch is eaten in front of my laptop, I mop the floor and attend con-calls simultaneously, and I’m not ashamed to say this – I take my meetings to the bathroom a lot.

My beautiful 9-5 life turned into 10 to whenever-the-client-is-done-torturing-you. But the thing that keeps me feeling like myself, despite operating (and looking) like a zombie, are my coffee breaks (and a little bit of mindless Schitt’s Creek). The 8 minutes I spend in the kitchen brewing my coffee are 8 minutes that add method to this madness. I love waiting for the kettle to whistle, I love when the room starts smelling like a hug, and I love knowing it’s not shitty office coffee I’m drinking.

Today is a Sunday, and I’m writing this between two briefs that I must get back to now. On a Sunday. Sabbath. The day of rest. Just putting it out there.

Little friendly tip – use this time to discover coffee beyond it’s ability to wake you up. Try new roasts. Find a brewing method that works best for you. See if a dash of coconut milk changes the game. This is one of those rare times you can control your coffee “at work”- make the most of it. Then it’s back to CCD and I bet all my Monopoly money, you’re not looking forward to that.

About the Author

Nivedita is a full-time copywriter at an Advertising firm, and a part-time illustrator in her own world. She grew up in the mountains, and hopes to move back someday with 5 dogs, a kitchen garden, and a career in both art+copy, to find what she thinks will be her “adult utopia” (this world must include coffee).