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Good coffee is not hard
to find, anymore.
Good coffee is not hard
to find, anymore.
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Good coffee is not hard
to find, anymore.

All good coffees

India’s finely roasted coffees, all in one place


Choose your roast profile, type of equipment & grind size.

Fresh and Fast

Get freshly roasted coffee delivered to your doorstep, dispatched within 48 hours.

Our most loved beans

Ran out of coffee?

We won’t let it happen
to you again.

Our Taste Buds Love Us!

"Sixteen Grams is one of the first sites, now the only site I order coffee from and will always be amazed at their inclusivity and constant upgrades!"
Nambam Anna Iangrai
“Coffee is an art and Sixteen grams is the artist. Whenever you need good a pour, they are at your door”
Izhan Abbas
“This is a great place to explore different coffees from all over the country! They make it super easy to order and stalk your order once it’s shipped.”
Garima Jain
“I'm glad there's a subscription service offering Indian Coffees from various roasters. While I never forget ordering coffee, I do have hard time selecting a coffee. So it's great to have a surprise coffee every month. ”
Sahil Gulati